Why choose MSUV Hooked?

Never played sports? Floorball crack? If you are looking for a club where you can play sports and have a fun student life at the same time, search no further! Hooked is the club for you!

Floorball is a Hockey-like team sport from Sweden played indoors with an Ice Hockey-like field. It's really fast (shots have been recorded at over 200kmh), fun, and easy to pick up the basics.

Each team has 5 players on the field at a time (plus a goalkeeper). Substitutions can be made at any time and help keep the pace of the game fast by giving everyone a rest.

Field players use a stick, often made of carbon and composite materials, to control the ball, which is plastic. The blade of a stick can be to the left or right of the players body.

Facts of the ball

A floor ball weighs 23 grams and its diameter is 72 mm. It has 26 holes in it, each of which are 10 mm in diameter. Many of these balls now are made with aerodynamic technology, where the ball has over a thousand small dimples in it that reduce air resistance. There have been several times where a ball has been recorded to have traveled at a speed of approximately 200 km/h.

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What's in a name?

Floorball is also known by many other names.  The English name used to be indoor bandy, since it was translated from the Swedish word innebandy (Sweden and Norway) and salibandy (in Finland). Switzerland and Germany use unihockey or floorball. The names salibandy and innebandy are derived from bandy; both of those names literally translate to indoor bandy. Unihockey is derived from universal hockey since it is meant to be a special and simplified form of hockey.

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